Bill is a retired architect, furniture, interiors and textile designer. He was the founder of the highly successful design firm Hendrick Inc, Atlanta, GA - currently ranked in the top 40 design firms nationally. He developed a strong interest in furniture design from that business, resulting in a move to Grand Rapids in 1979 to become an owner of Mueller Furniture. Mueller was subsequently sold to Haworth in 1985. Bill then founded Hendrick Textiles, a design and marketing business selling high end textiles through architects and designers for commercial application. Hendrick Textiles was sold to Momentum Fabrics in 1990.  Bill's next project was acquisition of The Worden Company in Holland, MI - manufacturers of both custom and standard commercial furniture. Worden was sold to an investment group in 2012, thus freeing Bill up to pursue a new creative outlet.

"I've always been fascinated with glass as an artistic medium. While hard and solid - yet fragile and delicate - glass can be cut, molded, shaped and fused in an infinite number of ways. I enjoy creating both functional pieces as well as works created just to enjoy visually. All of the designs are my own, but I've also worked with clients to create a piece distinctly designed for them, and love the custom design aspect of working to bring their idea to life."

Bill designs his works in a home studio, and fires them in a large kiln. "The ideas flow through my head constantly! I'm continually learning and always excited to experiment with new concepts and techniques."

Bill has received a number of awards for interiors, furniture and textiles, and is a member of the Holland Area Arts Council. His glass work is currently sold at the Brick and Ivy Market in Holland, MI.